Dec. 3rd, 2016

{ twenty-five }

I'm currently in possession of a birthday cake the size of Wales.

Well, not really the size of Wales, otherwise it would not fit in my kitchen, but it's still rather gigantic. The fact there's still a considerable amount of cake a day after my birthday is enough evidence that a certain parental figure got a bit carried away baking for her "underfed" child. Again.

Jan. 27th, 2016

{ twenty-two }

Thanks to my mother's obsession with my eating habits, I now have chocolate cake. A really BIG chocolate cake, and it's all mine, muahahaha.


Anyway, like I said, the cake is all mine - that is, unless you provide a really good reason why I should share it with you.

Dec. 7th, 2015

{ twenty-one }

Happy Hanukkah, everybody!

Oct. 17th, 2015

{ twenty }

Why were so many of the people who showed up yesterday convinced this was a pub? Does this look like a pub to you?

Maybe drinking potted plants is the new fad.

Sep. 22nd, 2015

{ nineteen }

According to this neat little calendar thingie I have, today is Hobbit Day. I don't have the time to watch all of the Lord of the Rings films in one sitting, so think I'll celebrate it by singing a certain Leonard Nimoy song non-stop while I do my laundry.

Peter, get your earplugs.

Right, and now I've remembered my brother borrowed the DVDs, which not only means I couldn't watch them anyway, but also that I'm never going to see them again and should hunt for new ones. Ah well.

Jan. 24th, 2015

{ eighteen }

No matter what I do, I keep losing socks when I do my laundry. I think I'm going to take this as a sign that I wasn't made for matching footwear and start wearing a different colour on each foot from now on.

[OOC: Inspired by this, because I am a very silly person.]

Dec. 17th, 2014

{ seventeen }

Happy Hanukkah!

Is Romilda still

Dec. 7th, 2014

{ sixteen }

Going home for my birthday wasn't such a good idea after all. I forgot all about Mum not being able to handle the idea of her adult son being unmarried - and the older I get, the worse it is. If she had any say in it, I'd have probably married to a "nice" (in other words, Jewish) girl of her choice the moment I left Hogwarts.

And yet I promised I'd be back soon for Hanukkah. Joy. More girls to be paraded in front of me, all of them looking as embarrassed as I was.

And then there was that stupid thing I did, telling Lucy I wasn't gay, as if she didn't know that. And then when she mentioned me dating girls again, I almost asked her. It's a good thing I caught myself in time, as she'd probably laugh in my face. I mean, I dumped her, right? And I did it because I'm an idiot. And after that mess with the love potion, I don't think I'm ready for dating anytime soon, contrary to what Mum thinks (not that I'd ever be able to tell her what happened). I think I'm cursed.

I miss being able to talk to Peter. I can't talk to the girls about this. Romilda would probably start calling Lucy names if I mentioned that bit, even though Lucy didn't do anything wrong. Or she'd probably try to show up at my parents' doorstep. And Vic... Well, I don't know what Vic would do, but I'm not sure if she'd get this. Maybe she would and I'm misjudging her just because she's not Peter, but... Well, I miss Peter.

This is awkward
Can't we just
Sorry I

Thanks for your present. Did you have to leave it on the bed, th

While I love spending time with my family, I swear my mum is trying to fatten me up. Either that, or she's torturing me for not being there as often as she'd like, because she should know there's no way a normal human being can be forced to eat all those helpings without exploding.

Dec. 1st, 2014

{ fifteen }

If anyone needs me, I'm going to spend the next couple of days in Liverpool. My mum will probably have a fit if I don't spend my birthday with the family again plus it might be good to get away from

Nov. 17th, 2014

{ fourteen }


Nov. 15th, 2014

{ thirteen }

I have the best boyfriend in the whole world.

That is all.

Apr. 28th, 2014

{ twelve }

In case you don't remember, Peter's birthday's on Wednesday.

We should prepare something special. And before you ask no, stealing his shirt doesn't count.

Apr. 3rd, 2014

{ eleven }

Passover will begin in about eleven days.

Jan. 30th, 2014

{ ten }

I've just been at the Ministry giving my eyewitness account on the Sweetness and Light attack. Hopefully it will be helpful.

I was terrified for a moment there, as I thought they were going to arrest me for the pot. Hopefully this is a sign we really are off the hook.

Nov. 28th, 2013

{ nine }

Happy Hanukkah to everybody who celebrates it. I'll be at my folks while it lasts, but will be back at the shop if there's an emergency. Needless to say, birthday celebrations will be mixed with Hanukkah celebrations this year.

Fried goods will come back to London with me for anyone who might want them - and an extra dose will be given to anyone who knows the way to make my mother stop fussing about how poorly I apparently look.

Oct. 7th, 2013

{ eight }

We're in trouble. Did you read what Derrick wrote?

What are we going to do now?

Sep. 9th, 2013

{ seven }

If you go down in the woods today you're sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today you'd better go in disguise
For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain
Because today's the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic

Every Teddy Bear who's been good is sure of a treat today
There's lots of marvelous things to eat and wonderful games to play
Beneath the trees where nobody sees they'll hide and seek as long as they please
That's the way the Teddy Bears have their picnic
Picnic time for Teddy Bears
The little Teddy Bears are having a lovely time today
Watch them, catch them unaware and see them picnic on their holiday
See them gaily gad about
They love to play and shout
They never have any cares
At six o'clock their Mummies and Daddies will take them home to bed
'Cause they're tired little Teddy Bears

If you go down in the woods today you better not go alone
It's lovely down in the woods today but safer to stay at home
For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain
Because today's the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic

Sep. 5th, 2013

{ six }

Shanah Tovah to all of you who might also celebrate it!

Free sweets will be available at our shop. We'd also appreciate it if you actually bought something while you're here, but enjoy them while they last.

Aug. 9th, 2013

{ five }

Oi, Peter. You should come downstairs right this minute. A certain old customer is back and she's looking around excitedly again...

Jul. 19th, 2013

{ four }

I'm spending the evening at my sister's. I have Kind Hearts and Coronets and a huge bowl of home-made popcorn waiting for me.

Life's good.

Sep. 30th, 2012

{ three }

Private to Peter:
So... When do you want to do this exorcising thing?

Aug. 30th, 2012

{ two }

I woke up to find my room covered in confetti and jelly babies, and the word "peanut" written on purple lipstick on my bathroom mirror.

Given that I had a very quiet evening, during which I had nothing but a cup of hot chocolate while reading a little bit of Good Omens (check it out if you can, it's awesome) and then I promptly went to bed, I know this wasn't the result of some booze-fuelled wild night I'll never remember. My theories for what might have happened, therefore, are these:

1. I was sleepwalking again. It's been a while. This doesn't explain the confetti or the lipstick, though.
2. Peter was sleepwalking and was dreaming about redecorating my room. If this is the case, I don't think I want to know why he has purple lipstick with him.
3. Someone decided to pay a little nightly visit and leave a little surprise. Sean? Vic? Romilda? How's your room, Peter?
4. I'm going insane. I doubt this one will surprise anyone.

Jul. 21st, 2012

{ one }

Every morning for the past week, this little old witch has come into the shop, ordering a packet of valerian sprigs, all the while standing on her tiptoe and trying to look over my shoulder.

I think my esteemed business partner might have found himself a fangirl.

Jun. 19th, 2012

A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.
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